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The playroom broderbund download

The playroom broderbund

The Playroom is a video game first created in for MS-DOS, Apple II and Macintosh It was designed for ages 3 to 6 (preschool through first grade) manufactured by Brøderbund. A follow up game titled The Treehouse came in as. The Playroom was a computer game for ages 3 to 6 manufactured by Brøderbund. It featured Pepper Mouse and was set in his playroom. Features included the. The Playroom is a video game published in on DOS by Brøderbund Software, Inc.. It's an educational game, set in a pre-school / toddler theme, and was.

Intro animation, kids game I had back in the day (). I was probably a bit too old for it at the time but I enjoyed it. The Playroom is an educational game released in by Brøderbund Software for children ages 3 to 6. The game helped children learn how to count, read. Playroom, The. Producer: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publisher: Brøderbund Software, Inc. An example would be "Playroom". The game consists of 6 activities.

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