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Postcardware, also called just cardware, is a style of software distribution similar to shareware, distributed by the author on the condition that users send the author a postcard. Postcardware is freeware (no-charge software that is freely shared) that requires only that the user send the software provider a postcard as a form of payment. Postcardware is a particular type of software with a licensing agreement that requires the user to send the creator a postcard as a licensing process.

Basically, PostcardWare means that you can use a software free of any payment ( see exceptions below), but to legally use it after you have. postcardware: n. A kind of shareware that borders on freeware, in that the author requests only that satisfied users send a postcard of their home town or. Noun[edit]. postcardware (uncountable). (computing) A software product whose author requests as payment a postcard from the user's hometown.

Code of Contribute to spatie/ development by creating an account on GitHub. Postcard-ware: An old idea in software; a new twist in sharing therapy resources. For years now, programmers have been writing and sharing programs without.

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