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Goat simulator shrek mod download

Goat simulator shrek mod

Steam Workshop: Goat Simulator. Our Ogrelord is now in goat formation! USE HIM AS YOU PLEASE Enjoyed my mod here? There is much. Goat Simulator might be one of those games that don't need any fan-made mods, being already glitchy enough—in a good way of course. Perhaps he'd be more appropriate as a mod for a Donkey Simulator but, alas, that does not exist. So here is Shrek, as a skin for the open-world.

If you thought the Goat Simulator craze was over, you were wrong. A modder has created an especially hilarious mod that allows you to play. You probably thought Goat Simulator couldn't get any worse and any stupider than it currently is. Well, you were wrong as a newly released.

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